I think Russell Croman must be doing some kind of black magic. He says this is machine learning and AI but I’m convinced it’s something more akin to Voldemort from Harry Potter. His new plugin for PixInsight uses AI and machine learning to estimate a best correction for the blurriness imparted specifically on astronomical images from the turbulence in the atmosphere. Knowing that stars are in fact point light sources that are made to look bigger through that disturbance in the atmosphere, black magic is applied to figure out to what extent and in what direction the data must be compressed for each pixel in an image. The end result of his hard work is the Blur-Xterminator. The results are nothing short of game changing. If you do any image processing in PixInsight, I would highly recommend you look at this plugin. I’m sure you’ll end up buying it.

M16 - Before BlurXterminator M16 - After BlurXterminator